Island Shangri-la Chinese Crested Dog breeding. Hairless and powderpuff with very good international origins, many champions exist of the best lines.

We make a point of thanking especially :

Mm Diana Bowdler-Townsend : It is she who started the Moonswift bloodline, thanks to her, this line in known all over the world. She really means a lot to us.

Mr.and Mm Vattement : The owners of the French kennels L’ancien Relais and The Sanwill, their dogs are the ancestors of many of our Champions.

Mm Buisson Claudine : She is the owner of the French kennel De L’hacienda Bigourdane and thanks to her selective breeding she won many Champion and World titles. Her dogs are the base of our Peruvian dogs. Mr. and Mm Cabon They are the owners of the kennel "Du Trou De Granit". She delivered us some champions from a very good bloodline.

The Photographer on the shows

These people helped us from the beginning with good advice and knowledge. It is really an honour to have their trust and faith. It is reassuring to know we can always fall back on their years of experience.

"Rialo Mandarin Of Moonswift" (benji) is handled and loved by Sascha Kober many thanks to sascha for his hardwork and dedication with benji.

"Ch.Shida Idol’s Eye" : owned and co-owned by Pascale de Ruyver and Sascha Kober. This wonderful boy is living and loved at Sascha’s house. Idol was already an American Champion, and Sascha made him Champion of Russia,RKF and Luxemburg, other tittles will follow….

Through this message, we want to thank all our friends, loyal customers and veterinaries for the trust they have in us and the thinghs they’ve done through the years.